Everyday Champions

How to apply gold medal psychology in daily life Ever wonder how the world’s top performers do what they do? Seemingly effortlessly, in ‘the zone’, enjoying a flow state? There are certain principles practiced by champions of their craft, that can benefit you in your daily life. Here are some key elements of the winner’s …

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Many Thanks

How science is proving the benefits of an attitude of gratitude   Do you appreciate your life? How often do you take a moment to say thanks for all that you have? It may help you to know that, doing this more often, has immense benefits beyond simply feeling good. As Tony Robbins says, “When …

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Affirm Foundation

Build a stable mindset using optimistic self-talk Do you ever find recurring thoughts that do not feel productive or as though they are enhancing your sense of peace? Have you been stuck in a cycle of beliefs that don’t serve your highest good? Have you ever tried using affirmations to tackle the blockage of subconscious …

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Air Time

Why Breathwork is the best medicine Have you ever been flustered, and heard the advice: “Take a deep breath”? It’s something many of us are told from a young age. Now that very concept has become a wellbeing movement. But if breathing is something we do automatically, why must we work on it? Well, it …

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Feeling Hungry?

How emotions affect our eating behaviours, and what to do about them Have you ever dealt with stress by eating chocolate, or celebrated good news by ordering a pizza? If so, chances are you’ll know what Emotional Eating feels like.  Emotional Eating (EE) is a relatively new term, relating to the consumption of food in …

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