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Big Buddha here in Phuket

Nathan Hague Marketing Day

Telling People About Your Business is hard! On 26th July, we’re proud to say that Nathan Hague and his brain of awesomeness is coming to lan sabai to teach us marketing. We’ll cover in the Nathan Hague Marketing Day.. Facebook Instagram TikTok Please reply back as soon as you can, as this event will sell

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Immersing in the Wonders of Phuket Old Town Night Market: A Cultural Journey

Greetings from the sunny shores of Phuket, where each day brings new adventures and unforgettable experiences! Today, we’re excited to take you on a journey through one of the island’s most captivating treasures: the Phuket Old Town Night Market. Discovering Phuket’s Hidden Gem Nestled within the charming streets of Phuket Old Town lies a bustling

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Live Your Rest Life

Top tips to ensure your best night’s sleep “Did you sleep OK?” A common question during morning chit-chat. Fun to discuss when we feel replenished. Not so fun if we’ve been up all night with busy-bee brains. The average adult will spend 36 percent of his or her life asleep, with a purpose of rest,

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Everyday Champions

How to apply gold medal psychology in daily life Ever wonder how the world’s top performers do what they do? Seemingly effortlessly, in ‘the zone’, enjoying a flow state? There are certain principles practiced by champions of their craft, that can benefit you in your daily life. Here are some key elements of the winner’s

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Stressed to Impressed

Harness anxious energy as a productive force   Want to ‘beat’ stress? How about working  with  it for your own benefit? The ‘S’ word is practically a pandemic in itself these days. And the other pandemic (that word ‘C’) is only serving to exacerbate our levels of anxiety. The great news is that we can

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Many Thanks

How science is proving the benefits of an attitude of gratitude   Do you appreciate your life? How often do you take a moment to say thanks for all that you have? It may help you to know that, doing this more often, has immense benefits beyond simply feeling good. As Tony Robbins says, “When

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Affirm Foundation

Build a stable mindset using optimistic self-talk Do you ever find recurring thoughts that do not feel productive or as though they are enhancing your sense of peace? Have you been stuck in a cycle of beliefs that don’t serve your highest good? Have you ever tried using affirmations to tackle the blockage of subconscious

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Air Time

Why Breathwork is the best medicine Have you ever been flustered, and heard the advice: “Take a deep breath”? It’s something many of us are told from a young age. Now that very concept has become a wellbeing movement. But if breathing is something we do automatically, why must we work on it? Well, it

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