Lan Sabai, Phuket’s Leading Coaching Resort

Reconnect with nature in the heart of paradise

At Lan Sabai, personalized wellness treatments, delicious local cuisine and a serene natural environment bring you the very best of Thailand. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff take care of everything from the moment you book with us, letting you focus on providing the best coaching experience or dedicating yourself to rest and relaxation. Our packages are tailored to address your needs, whether you’re booking the resort for a coaching retreat or personal getaway.


At Lan Sabai we know the difficulties of hosting a retreat. Making sure food is served on time, laundry is done, rooms are cleaned, transport is arranged, the list goes on. As a coach you need a resort and a team you can rely on to perform all of these daily tasks so that you can focus on providing the best coaching service possible.

We make things easy for you from the moment you book with us. and give you the flexibility to host your retreat for as long as you wish. Our three pricing tier system give you the ability to choose what you want to include in the price of your retreat.

Lan Sabai is built on the values of sustainability. We know how easy it is to work too much and forget about your health and happiness. Far too often we find ourselves stressed, sleep deprived and out of touch with the natural world.


Best Luxury Wellness Retreat

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Petra van Os

Some time ago an invitation fell on my online doormat in which I was invited by the owner of Lan Sabai to book a week of me-time in her new retreat resort on Phuket. Without having to think long, I booked the trip.

What a feast to be able to feel that warmth in our autumnal November. Plus to meet other inspiring stories and people in a wonderful setting. In addition, Lan Sabai is such a beautiful resort with 8 identical rooms where you can become zen within 5 minutes. No incentives from TV or other tourists, you can completely relax by the pool or in the spacious room of 44m2 which is equipped with all conveniences.

You will find a kettle and coffee maker in your room and are beautifully decorated with home accessories from @yoshiko. In short, a high-end resort where we are spoiled to the bone with healthy food, yoga classes, master classes and with a few fantastic trips around the island.

I'd say you book me-time week. Are you a coach or do you want to do something special with friends, then this resort is definitely recommended.

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Some months ago I felt really lucky to be invited by Lisa, as a business women to be part of the try out Me-time retreat in her beautiful resort. It was a warm welcome at Lan Sabai, where every detail was thought about well. The resort lies is a wonderful and quiet part of the Island of Phuket. The nature is overwelming and so is the sound of the singing birds in the early morning. The programm we got, was also great.

Lisa invited lovely people, living in the neighbourhood, for giving us valuable lessons about healthy food, mindset and relaxation by doing yoga and getting a soundbath of the singingbowls. Every detail was worked out well. During the retreat, we got lovely, healthy vegan fresh food. The place itself is a small, exclusive place in which you can relax and connect easily with the other members of the party.

The rooms are designed tastefully by the products of Yoshiko. A swimmingpool gives the finishing touch for chilling and cooling down at the afternoon. The suurounding gives great opportunities for visiting and exploring the Island. I am gratefull for being part of the first pilot retreat facilitated by Lisa at Lan Sabai. It is absolutely worth it to go there by yourself and explore all.