Lan Sabai, Phuket’s Leading Retreat Resort

Reconnect with nature in the heart of paradise

At Lan Sabai, personalized wellness retreats, healthy local cuisine and a serene natural environment bring you the very best of Thailand.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team take care of everything from the moment you book with us. You just relax.

LanSabai Pucket retreats


Lan Sabai is built on the values of sustainability. We know how easy it is to work too much and forget about your health and happiness.

Far too often we find ourselves stressed, sleep deprived and out of touch with the natural world.

With our balanced retreats in our secluded courtyard, we can help you rest and relax quicker and deeper. We understand what is takes to get your body and mind recharged. To feel more energized and rejuvenated. You look and feel better then when you were in your 20ties.


Best Luxury Wellness Retreat

Best Luxury Wellness Retreat

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