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In the Lan Sabai Garden Cafe podcast we talk about retreats, health, mindset, personal development, nutrition and beauty. Let's get inspired by interviews with professionals from the world of wellness & well-being.

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Interviewing Susanna

   Interviewing Susanna – Breathwork practitioner, self-actualization coach, hypnotherapist and tarot reader   On today’s episode we speak with Susanna. Susanna is a breathwork master practitioner with more than 20 years of experience. She’s also a self-actualization coach, author, hypnotherapist, tarot reader and ted-x speaker  
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Interviewing Kathryn

   Interviewing Kathryn – Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Wellness professional   Our guest on today’s podcast is Kathryn – a yoga teacher and wellness practitioner. Kathryn helps people create a simple yoga practice that is sustainable and enjoyable. Helping them to focus on not just the physical side of yoga but also on …

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Kerri Chinner

Interviewing Kerri Chinner

   Interviewing Kerri – Soul Mastery Coach. On this episode I am interviewing Kerri Chinner. Kerri is a Soul Mastery Coach, Galactic Shaman, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Quantum Health & Biofeedback Specialist. Kerri’s gift is to make the invisible visible. She helps people raise their Frequency so they can gain mastery in all areas of …

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Magda podcast

Interviewing Magda

 Interviewing Magda – Yoga, Meditation and Dance teacher On this episode I am interviewing Magda. Magda is a yoga, meditation and dance teacher. Her goal is for the classes to be inclusive to all ages, abilities and injuries while teaching and cultivating ancient yoga traditions.    
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Interviewing Ksenia Mochalova

 Interviewing Ksenia Mochalova – Yoga- and hypnotherapist, author and serenity expert In this episode we welcome Ksenia Mochalova. She has 16,5 years of personal experience in meditation, 5 years in luxury wellness, she’s a yoga therapist and author of ‘3 minute mindfulness course’ as well as a hypnotherapist.
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Interviewing Chris Lawless

 Interviewing Chris Lawless – Well-being coach, nutritionist and personal trainer Today on the show we welcome Chris Lawless, we check why he does what he does, talk about personal growth, and the big outcomes that come from little changes. From life on the farm to ideas and dreams for healthier futures.    
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Meet the Host – Lisa van Roode

In this episode you’ll get to know more about me, Lisa van Roode – the host of this podcast. Get insights about me, my life, my dreams and my business. Let’s meet!
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